Mobilizethis 2009

Wrap Up

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Did you enjoy the event? Anything we could add in? Areas to improve?

We'd love to receive your thoughts and feedback.

Welcome to Mobilizethis 2009 (concluded 4pm CST - Darwin)

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Thursday 29th October 2009 ( now over)
Friday 30th October 2009 ( what's on?)

Charles Darwin University - Google map
Northern Territory, Australia
'Mal Nairn' Auditorium

Also online via a myriad of spaces / places as per the Program - tag ' mobilizethis09 '

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Description - Focus

This event brings together those pursuing the active use of mobile technologies and associated digital literacy in their daily lives, teaching and work related duties. This event builds on three successive years of investigation into the trends, factors affecting and developments in the educational context for mobile based / augmented learning. Listen to a podcast discussion regarding the event at TalkingVTE for some background information on the events inception, longtail effects and what's on the program.

The focus of this years events are on the showcasing of examples of where mobile related learning concepts interface with popular learning design. An interesting eBook has been recently released for those still grappling with where mobile learning has a place in education.

There will be ample opportunity for online participants to connect with physical activities happening from the Mal Nairn auditorium at Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory Australia.

Attending / Presenting

Many differing education organisations and associated industry representatives will be present at this event.

In attendance will be invited guests, CDU staff and students and many differing registered community representatives. As this has both interactive and broadcast free / live to air components to the program there is expected to be a large online audience also.

Please feel free to join us in Livestream and tell others about our Friday 30th event.