Charles Darwin University i is the main sponsor for MobilizeThis 2008 kindly providing networked hub facilities, manager, project facilitator, technical staff, media equipment and countless hours of in-kind contribution.


Edublogs hosts hundreds of thousands of blogs for teachers, students,
researchers, professors, librarians, administrators and anyone and
everyone else involved in education.

Making Links focuses on how technology can enhance and support social inclusion. The conference will also include practical skills-building sessions and networking opportunities for workers and volunteers in community organisations who work with and/or are interested in web development, multimedia, Web 2.0 and mobile technology.


The New Media Consortium (NMC) is an international 501(c)3 not-for-profit consortium of over 260 learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies. NMC member institutions are found in almost every state in the United States, across Canada, and in Europe, Asia and Australia. You can join the NMC as an organisation using their membership profile.


Brightcookie are specialists in Online Education Solutions and Learning Management System (LMS) Hosting. They have been providing online education and assessment solutions for a wide range of organisations around Australia for the past seven years with an interest also in mobile learning solutions that mesh with these learning spaces.


Knowledge Bank Online Events is a program of online learning and professional development organised around a free online meeting space in Elluminate. The Elluminate online room is a permanently open, free, bookable space for meeting, learning and collaboration. Activities in Elluminate are live and interactive - you use your own computer to listen, speak to others and participate in activities.


Edukite represents the latest in student portfolio websites, sometimes called e-portfolios. We call them kites. With EduKite, each student has his or her very own fully-fledged website. Teachers ( and students ) control the content of these websites using an interface that is designed to be super-simple to use.


In 2008 coordinators from the State and Territory based E-learning Innovations as part of Australian Flexible Learning Framework activities were offered a range of options to continue the exploration of relevant tools for embedding innovative practices .

Networking opportunities, workshops, online events and much more.


The rfid Learning Table can be a marketing and promotional tool, engaging self directed learning and ideal for use as an inclusive Learning tool. Part of a future where learning and discovery is embedded in our surroundings and in objects we are familiar with.


Streaming media is arguably the most powerful communication tool in the market place today. Communicating by video mail is fast, effective and inexpensive. It is a technology that allows people to bridge the gap of communication by allowing a face to face experience.

Universally Connecting brings powerful engaging presentations and resources with a click of a button to your website with ease.


We are a Management Consultancy company - a consultancy service that aims to enable organisations and small businesses to achieve their strategic and performance goals through staff training and facilitation. Our services include the comprehensive design and delivery of training. Extensive practical experience, contemporary research and ongoing development, utilising the latest technology, support our services.