MobilizeThis 2008 provides you with the opportunity to register as a Presenter during October 22 - 24 , 2008.

A Presenter is a person who values contribution and who will use this opportunity to successfully and positively engage others in conversation or critical debate regarding their chosen theme. You may wish to swap the word Presenter with Contributor, facilitator etc....

Please read the information below carefully before sending us an expression of interest which can be an email giving us some idea of who you are and what you'd like to include in the program.

Who : Anyone who is actively and positively pursuing the use of information communication technologies in education and related industries can apply no matter where you are located globally.

When : All Presentation events will occur online between 22 - 24 October 2008. You as the presenter determine what time best suits you and the Organisers of this event will list your final times in the Event Agenda.

Where : Online......all presentations are online and you have the choice as a Presenter in determining the platform you will deliver through and the number of people you are happy to have in your session.

How : Send an email message to ;

introducing yourself and your ideas. You may wish to include a range of contacts to get a hold of you on also such as your Skype address, mobile number and anything other of interest.

Check out what people are speaking about already in the theme page.