Conversation download : Bill Wade and Alex Hayes muse on a day of " reconnections" and blocks.

We cruised through everything from broadband satellite delivery of interactive distance learning, Apple's new suite of tools, best practices from the Red Centre and Deadly Mob gang - you guys overwhelmed us, tremendous work and excellent role modelling. At the days end, we were treated to the exciting world of Second life, complete with crystal clear audio. A huge thank you to session presenters Joanna Kay, Richard Waring, Amanda Cawthorne-Crosby, Paul Fitsimons, Greg Eagan, Georgina Nou, Linda Chellew, Linda Ford, and Trevor Billany who co-facilitated and kicked in big time as I grappled with technical challenges caused by the failure of the Adobe Connect room. HUGE apologies to those who tried to present via the Adobe Connect (Alex, Scott, Jaycinta, Gregor) platform but were unable to do so due to irresolvable (and we know you tried :-) technical failure. Maybe we can run another session later on.

This couldn't have happened without ITMS support - Pavel you are a hero in disguise! Other BIG thank yous go out to "G' who performed a great acoustic set over lunch and all the other musos gigging throughout the day. All our volunteers at Mal Nairn, here in Darwin: Cal/Lewis for great sound support. Leon for tech assitance and tear down. The TLDG gang (Lida, Peter, Mona, Jo, Tony, Janet) for photos, registration and break-out session support. Ruth and Linda, who endured endless hours of preparation and provision of support for the event. From PMD, Linda you're the logistics meister! and thanks Helen for layout proofing and design. Our own CDU Corporate Communications, for great promotion - Richie / Jen / Marie Claire / Robyn you were awesome. Leanne at Uniprint (amazing turnarounds). Territory FM for the radio air time and repurposing of videos. Shuberts - great food! Shaun and team at FAS, for all of the in-kind support and gearing us up for what I'm sure looked like an insane event from your viewpoint. Chris, Geoff and Carole for your tech support! Our colleagues in Trades, for your flexibility on awards night and letting us into the venue "early." Trisha and Melanie for spreading the work through our school sectors. Multimedia students Luke and Sam for documenting much of the face to face session here in Darwin.

Mostly, though, thank you to the participants, both those who came to the session in-person, all the avatars who met us in SL, and those who joined the virtual rooms and patiently partook - Lud thanks for your support in the Elluminate room - which in the end seemed to deliver the best in this day's event overall. We had valuable input throughout the day and will be collating the break-out session content as well as posting photos, video and audio casts

We'd sure like to hear from each you - how the day was for you. What worked well, room for improvement, things you'd like to see at a next event ...

Please visit our Feedback / Rants 'n Raves Page and post your thoughts on MobilizeThis.

Kind regards, from the end of a long day / week / month ...


Here are the Quick Links to Join our Virtual Rooms:

Virtual Platforms

SecondLife - Teleport to jokaydia
(Moderator connection) but you will appear as Trevor Billany
Adobe Connect
Horizon Wimba
VET Virtual

A free showcase of a wide range of current e-learning technologies, social networking software and web 2.0 applications, opinions and research.

Technical Support - contact each of the following for how to support/assistance in connecting to our virtual rooms.

for Adobe Connect* - Alex Hayes

for VET Virtual* - Chris Richter or Geoff Logan

for Horizon Wimba - Trevor Billany(It is best to run the Setup Wizard before going into the Room) For Phone Simulcast call 1300 781 707 Pin:51638575

for Elluminate* - Carole McCulloch

Young people are creative, artistic and looking for ways to engage in the creative arts. That's obvious and that's what this is all about.....fostering that way of living. This social networking event brings people together like you so add yourself to our Frappr map and tell us where you are from....and then register for this free event either as a presenter or as a participant. You may need to download the Adobe Flash Player Plugin if you can't see the Frapper Map.


Bill Wade speaks with Territory FM about MobilizeThis. Click on the Hipcast below to hear it.

"Mobilize This" - Youth Symposium 2007

will bring together a wide range of people interested in engaging youth in the creative arts sector. This will include schools ( primary and secondary ), vocational training in Australia ( TAFE's, VET Sector ), tertiary ( universities), youth service ( community and enterprise ), the music community, government based organizations and interested individuals.

Picture_2.pngDownload the Oct 19 Mobilizethis07 Infosheet.pdf

Event Locations

Physical Locations

Charles Darwin University - Mal Nairn Auditorium (Download CDU Map cas_map.pdf )
There will be a live streaming feed from the Mal Nairn Auditorium - using Quicktime Player
To access it - Start Quicktime Player / Select File - Open URL and type in: rtsp://

NSW LearnScope - Sydney, NSW, Australia
Musicland - Fawkner, Melbourne, Australia

Specific room addresses will be published closer to the event date and linked directly from the agenda page.
  • Note: Carole McCulloch is offering a trial demo in Elluminate on October 12 10:30-12:00 AEST for anyone needing a walk through - thanks Carole!
  • Note : Alex Hayes is offering a walk through of Adobe Connect room upon request : add 'mobology ' to your skype contacts.
  • Note: Chris Richter and Geoff Logan are offering a walk through VET Virtual on Thursday Oct 18 2-5PM AEST. Thanks guys!
  • Note: A walk through of Horizon Wimba will be available on Wednesday October 17 from 11 - noon and 3 pm - 4 pm (Darwin CST)

Useful Techinical Links:

Adobe Connect Help Guide
VET Virtual Help Guide
Horizon Wimba Help Guide
Elluminate Help Guide